Sponsorships and Partners

We receive many requests to sponsor worthy events, but we’re not able to provide approval for sponsorships.

Google Brand Permissions is unable to review and provide approval for any sponsorships. If you’re working with someone at Google, please connect with them to have any sponsorship requests handled.

We do allow Google Certified Partners to use their GCP badge on their marketing materials. And you may also be interested in learning about our co-marketing opportunities and our Partner Marketing Hub.

Sponsorship logos

We typically don’t approve the use of the Google logo for events or initiatives we sponsor. If you’re working with us on an event, you may contact the people you’re working with at Google to request an exception to this policy.

Partnership logos

If your company qualifies for Partner status in our Google Partner Programs, you may use the Google Partner or Premier Google partner badge on your site and other marketing materials, but we cannot give you permission to use the Google logo. Please use your badges instead.

Attribution statements

If you’d like to request permission to use an attribution statement that conveys to users what role Google played in your sponsorship, partnership, or initiative, contact the people you’re working with at Google. The approved statement can be conveyed in plain text or as a graphic element. In most cases, we prefer plain text.
For Example:


[Third party] is proud to present [project name] developed with Google Maps.


If you’re interested in co-marketing with Google, you can apply for access to turnkey marketing opportunities, valuable audience insights, and downloadable brand assets on our Partner Marketing Hub. This is where you’ll also find an asset approval form if you’d like our partner brand team to review marketing materials for approval.

Partner resources